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Heartworms are transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes. Without the protection of heartworm preventive, your pet could get heartworm disease- a potentially deadly illness of the heart and lungs.

  • Over 250,000 dogs in the U.S were reported positive for heartworms in 2004 1.
  • Mosquitoes transmit immature heartworms from infected dogs to healthy dogs.
  • Heartworms live in the hearts and lungs of infected dogs.
  • Left untreated, heartworm disease may be fatal to your dog.
  • Some common signs of heartworm infection include coughing, difficulty breathing and sluggishness.
  • Recently infected dogs may show no signs of the disease.
  • Other carriers of heartworm disease include wolves, foxes, coyotes and raccoons.‚Äč

How does Heartgard Plus work?

Heartgard Plus kills any existing immature heartworms introduced to the dog by a mosquito bite over the past 30 days. It does not protect against those introduced after is has been consumed- that's the work of the next Heartgard chewable, which is given 30 days later.